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Situated 6 kms to the north of Hamilton in the Henty Wine Region of Victoria, Henty Estate was established in 1991.

Peter and Glenys Dixon avoided the temptation to make wine until the vineyard was mature, setting up the winery in 2003. Winemaker Peter has since gone on to produce vintages of consistently high quality wine. Approximately 1500 cases are produced per vintage using traditional methods using estate grown grapes.

Seven hectares of vines are orientated north south to ensure even sunlight exposure to both sides of the canopy and yields are controlled by pruning, and selective bunch thinning after veraison. The vineyard is VSP trained and dry grown in order to achieve optimum intensity and fruit flavours in the wines. Harvest yields of approximately four tonnes per hectare are achieved in most years.

Henty Estate is a family run business with Peter Dixon as Winemaker and wife Glenys tending the vines with great care and precision.  The extended family are always ready to help out at picking and bottling times.